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Destination Weddings: Why Couples are choosing to get married away from home.

When it comes to weddings every couple has their own idea of what perfection would be. Increasingly, many couples are choosing destination weddings over traditional weddings close to home. Approximately 25% of all weddings are destination weddings.

Why choose a destination wedding

So how do you know if a DW is the way to go? Here are a couple of things that make the choice a desirable one:

Location. While a destination wedding can take place just about anywhere, including cities in the good ol' US of A, lots of couples choose a location that is sun drenched with white sand beaches. Along with destinations like Mexico and the Caribbean being relatively easy for couples and their guests to get to, who wouldn't want to exchange vows with views like these?

Photo by Benjamin Voros on Unsplash

One of the many beaches in the Dominican Republic

Atmosphere. There is just something about getting married barefoot on the beach, in an intimate courtyard in NOLA, or in a mountain lodge with snow painted peaks. The atmosphere that comes along with a prime location can add something special to a ceremony, reception, and overall experience for your guests.

Desiree Watkins Photography

Traditional Second Line - New Orleans, LA.

$$$$$. The number one question couples ask first is "how much is this going to cost us?" Of course there is no set dollar amount. It depends on where, when, and how you say "I Do". One way destination weddings can actually save you money over a traditional close to home wedding is you generally have fewer guests than if you threw a party at home. You can also save money by not having to pay for extras like elaborate floral arrangements (but is still available if you like), hiring tons of different vendors, and paying for event space.

One common misconception is that it will be super super cheap to have a wedding in another country, even if you have 100 guests. The more guests you have, the more it will cost. The more centerpieces you want, the higher the cost. Pretty simple stuff.

The average DW has about 48 guests and costs on average $28,000. That is for a full service wedding. If you just want a simple ceremony with a wedding cake, passed hor dourves, a champagne toast, and a nice seated dinner, you can do it for about $3,500. Some resorts, like Sandals, offer a free wedding if you stay 3 nights or more. Remember how I said, "it depends". I seriously mean that!

Vacation. One of the best reasons to have a destination wedding is that you can actually honeymoon immediately after your wedding is over. PLUS all of your guests get a super amazing vacation all while celebrating the best day of your life. What else needs to be said? I think this is what they call a win/win.

Simplicity. Does planning a wedding make you want to binge drink all the wine on your wine rack?? A destination wedding can actually be pretty simple and in some cases, easier than a wedding in your hometown. When you deal with a travel agent and a wedding coordinator who works for the resort or hotel you have chosen, you have two super knowledgeable people who can make each aspect of planning your big day so much more simpler than going it alone. What's more, you typically don't pay them an arm and a leg like you would a traditional wedding planner. Most work free of charge to you, like yours truly.

Photo by @charmedcompass

Gorgeous Gazebo @ Dreams Riviera Cancun

The best way to begin your destination wedding journey is to contact a specialist. Visit for more info or email me directly to get started.

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