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Why Use a Travel Counselor?

Okay. First things first; yes I am a travel agent. I prefer the term "travel counselor" for several reasons.

One: Travel Agent sounds so old fashioned. I admit, when someone would bring up using a travel agent I pictured an old woman in a dingy office with a headset on surrounded by brochures on Hawaii.

Two: A Travel Counselor by definition has earned certification and has years of experience. Which I have on both accounts. While my professional business is a new one, I have been booking, researching and traveling for years. The best kind of experience is hands on, right?

Three: I am not just an agency selling travel on behalf of a supplier. I truly want to find you the best vacation, tour, cruise, destination, weekend getaway, or whatever it is your little heart desires, and I want to find it for you at the best price.

So what exactly do I do, and how do I do it? You tell me what you want. Be as vague or as detailed as you like (the latter is usually most helpful) and then I go off, do hours of research on the latest deals, promotions, trends, tips as well as scour the hundreds of suppliers that I now have at my fingertips (thanks to my super amazing host agency Travel Planners International). I'll weed out the not so hot options and bring you a few I think you will love.

Using Charmed Compass Travel is like pushing the easy button for vacations!

This takes the stress, time, and energy out of trying to plan a trip. You work too hard for your days off. You really do not want to end up in a mediocre hotel on the wrong side of town.

I am like your personal travel assistant. For those of us who don't have the luxury of having a personal assistant on a daily basis, this is kinda cool! Not only do I research and customize your trip with excursions, transfers, dining options, or whatever extras you may like, but I book it all for you too and track any updates, process any changes you may need or last minute add on's. I'm also there if something goes wrong while on vacation and can help make it right. It's full service folks. You know you love it.

I know what the next question is. Alright, what's it gonna cost me? Surprise!! I am not charging 10% like most agents do. Once I do start charging I plan to make my fee so small you probably won't even notice it. I'm talking under 10% people. Since I am just starting out, I am charging a total amount of Free -AKA Nothing. Why am I doing it for free? I will get commission via my host agency for bringing in new clients. Suppliers pay that - you don't. I also want to prove to you how valuable my services are. What better way than this?

I want to show you how amazingly accessible the world is. Join me.

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